Nov 2, 2011

Lessons from the Family Sri

Yay, it's the return of "Lessons from the Family Sri." For those of you who missed our previous classes, please click the "lessons" tag below.

Today's Lesson - Communications

Me (calling my brother on the phone): Hey, Monster! I'm making you the beneficiary on my life insurance, and I need your social security number.
Him: Umm...
Me: Let me guess, you don't want to say it over the phone.
Him: Right.
Me: I don't suppose you'd like to send it via email.
Him: Ha!
Me: Then what the hell am I supposed to do? Use telepathy to read it directly from your mind?
Him: Yes. Go!
Me: I will destroy you someday.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Oh how I love your blog! Let me count the ways!

Seriously, your posts never fail to make me smile. Although I really would like to hear your take on Zumanity sometime. Brian and I went in Feb and it was not quite we had expected.

I look forward to you posting more!