Dec 3, 2012

December to remember

Yeah... that "post everyday" thing fell apart with the QUICKNESS. It was just too much pressure! And once I had fallen far enough behind it was like, "well, I might as well not post for the entire month." Weak sauce, Sri, weak sauce. Anyway, I'm going to try again with a lower expectation this time - one post per blog per week. That's three posts - I can do that, right? Right.

Happily, I have a lot to blog about - it's my birthweek! I am turning a dreadfully significant age this year, so I decided to celebrate for seven days straight. This kind of bled into the preceding few days - Maggie and I got a group together for a Legwarmers (80s cover band) concert on Friday, and my friend Sarah visited from NYC on Saturday for barhopping. On Sunday morning Sarah and I met up with our friends Chris and Kent for brunch at an AMAZING gay brunch bar called Freddie's. So. Much. FUN! And my birthweek hadn't even started yet.

The officially festivities began yesterday afternoon with caroling in downtown DC. The turnout was small, but we had a great time. After a bit we abandoned our goal of making it all the way to the Capitol and hit up karaoke at Banana Cafe. The happy hour special (on a Sunday, no less!) was great, we met a really fun waitress, but the karaoke was a travesty. We asked for a Christmas song, but when we got up there the KJ couldn't find it. He told us the list of songs that HE PROVIDED was "more of a suggestion than a guarantee." WTH?!? Still, us being us, we still had a killer time.

Next up: dinner with two of my favorite people, Jojo and Shawn, tonight and Brookside Garden holiday lights tomorrow!

Nov 9, 2012

November Blog-A-Day Tracking

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Wednesday, Nov 7: Non-squee Glee
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You're welcome, bitches. 

Nov 6, 2012

Election Day victories, large and small

I'm watching the election from a bar in San Francisco, and CNN calls Obama's re-election. At first, I didn't believe it - it was way too early! Then I realized that it was past 11:30 on the east coast, and that it was entirely reasonable that our amazing President had triumphed.

In other HUGE news, Maryland's Question 6 - marriage equality - had also passed. After the disappointments of 2008, this year seems to herald a turning of the tide for gay rights.

And in a smaller but more adorable victory, my lovely mother voted (in Virginia) for the first time ever. She became a proud naturalized citizen in 2009 - almost 40 years after moving to this country - and this was her first general election. Here is the email she sent us, in its entirety:

Dear family,

I voted! Ha, ha, ha!


Nov 5, 2012

Dusting off the old personal blog...

This November, I'm trying to blog every day - so far I've udpated my no-longer-new gaming blog,, and plan to post on the TV blog, It only seems right to come back to the one that started it all, my personal blog.

Let's see, what's new and exciting? I've been traveling quite a bit this year - down to Florida for my friend Kara's wedding, up to New York to visit my friend Sarah a couple of times, a long trip to California to see my freshman roommate Erin, jaunts up to Baltimore for Otakon and Baltimore Comic Con, a trip to a cabin for an IRL meeting of my bridge club, our usual Vegas vacation at Chris and Kent's timeshare, and an adventure to Orlando with my whole little family in tow. This week I'm heading out to San Francisco for a conference and to hang out with my friend Mike. Whew!

I love traveling, but sometimes I hate travelers. Any time a large group of strangers comes together with a common goal, it is an opportunity for us to be our best or worst selves. It seems like many people choose the latter. I was once on a flight that was delayed due to a storm in the airport we were approaching. The pilot assured us that our connecting flights would be delayed, as well. One woman clearly did not believe him, because as soon as we touched down she grabbed her bag and promptly began pushing her way to the front. "I have to make a connection in 20 minutes!" she cried, shoving an old lady with her overstuffed suitcase. So. Aggravating!

Then there are people like my father, who shifted seat three times to allow various families to sit together on the way to Orlando. He did so cheerfully, without a single complaint - he saw it as a small thing, and it was. But small kindnesses like that can change our attitude towards travel and our fellow travelers. I think we can all learn from my Little Dad's big-hearted example.

Feb 22, 2012

A Blog For Mom

Ever since I fell of the NaNoBloPo bandwagon, I haven't had the heart to blog. I know this has come as a huge disappointment to my many, many, fans - in other words, my mom. Therefore, I write today under strict instructions from Mama Sri. Please enjoy.

Today I started reading Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? So far, the accounts of her childhood have been eerily similar to my own. Which on one level is awesome - who doesn't love a book they can relate to so completely? On another level, part of me is thinking, "Crap! Now what am I going to write about?"

It's been a not-so-secret ambition of mine to one day become a professional humor writer and/or novelist. This blog is basically an outlet for that dream deferred. I figured my experience as a chubby Indian girl growing up in suburbia was pretty unique. Even today, I play around with titles... South in the South - referencing my status as a South Asian growing up in Virginia, or maybe Cornbread and Curry - my favorite combo of East/West traditions on one steaming plate. But if Kaling has already covered that ground, what am I going to do? 

I'm probably being too narrow-minded in my thinking. Surely the market can support at least one more Indian American humorist... And if not, I always have my back-up plant - get a PhD in bioethics and write a textbook.