Nov 6, 2012

Election Day victories, large and small

I'm watching the election from a bar in San Francisco, and CNN calls Obama's re-election. At first, I didn't believe it - it was way too early! Then I realized that it was past 11:30 on the east coast, and that it was entirely reasonable that our amazing President had triumphed.

In other HUGE news, Maryland's Question 6 - marriage equality - had also passed. After the disappointments of 2008, this year seems to herald a turning of the tide for gay rights.

And in a smaller but more adorable victory, my lovely mother voted (in Virginia) for the first time ever. She became a proud naturalized citizen in 2009 - almost 40 years after moving to this country - and this was her first general election. Here is the email she sent us, in its entirety:

Dear family,

I voted! Ha, ha, ha!


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