Jul 6, 2010

San Francisco... FINALLY

"I want San Francisco pics, Monkey!" - Maggie Cats
"Where is the full summary of our SF misadventures?" - Mike
"You need to blog more. That last blog was pathetic!" - close relative who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are).

The people have spoken. And so I bring you, San Francisco's Not Going Anywhere, So Keep Your Hair On: Part I. And since even I don't remember what the hell I did on this trip, I shall use my Twitter posts as a reference.

Airport terminals provide the first flavor of a new city. SF is all modern furniture and pot plants. Sweet-smelling, too.
10:55 PM May 28th via txt

Addendum: And Chinese art.
10:56 PM May 28th via txt

So, clearly the newness of Twitter has gotten the better of me. My travel Tweets are completely inane, even by microblogging standards. Let's move on.

Mike was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. I was still on East Coast time, so even though it was late and I was travel funky, I was ready for fun! Luckily we also met up with Mike's old roommate, Henry, and a friend of his who were in town for a wedding. Had it been just Mike and me we undoubtedly would have gone straight back to his place, ate cupcakes and went to bed. As it was, we ended up bouncing from an Irish pub to a late-night Indian buffet to a dance club called Mayes. The place was ridiculously crowded. I body-checked my way to a clear space to tweet this:

Dancing at Mayes consists of fighting for floor space, then standing still while people elbow you in the kidneys.
3:12 AM May 29th via txt

Sweaty and bruised, at the end of the night I was incredibly thankful that Mike had driven us to Mayes. He only lives a couple blocks away - but every single block in San Francisco goes uphill at a ridiculous, thigh-punishing angle. If I had to walk home after a cross-country plane ride and a night of shenanigans, I would've died. Luckily, I survived my first night in San Francisco - only three more days and two more nights to go!

P.S. Some pictures will be posted here, and more will be posted on Facebook. I swear.