Oct 26, 2010

Holy Swiss Cheese, Batman!

Wow, I haven't updated in a looooong time. I blame the liberal media, or something. Let me catch you up.

1. San Fransisco (cont'd) - as per usual, I geeked the heck out. Went to the Cartoon and Comics museum (Batman retrospective FTW!), Wicked, a hipster beer festival (but couldn't get the dance floor started), Japanese-style karaoke, the Latin pride festival, a band concert in Golden Gate Park, and Fisherman's Wharf. Favorite story of the trip was probably at the Wharf, when me and Mike were waiting in line behind a group of shrieking tweens. It was looking like they'd be the last group on the boat, and we'd have to wait for another hour. So I used my super mind powers to make one of them drop her ticket into the water. Muahahahaha... Also, when we got back, we made sure to walk by their group (still in line) and comment about how great the ride was. I love Mike because he will do evil things with me, and never judge.

2. I started the final rotation of my Fellowship, on Capitol Hill. It's literally a different world here, and I now know why Hill Experience is like gold in this town. Only by living amongst the natives can you hope to understand their bizarre customs and crazy moon language. But everyone in my office is cool. I guess I can't really talk about what I'm doing, so that's all on the work front.

3. Vegas - Maggie, Chris, Kent and I went to Vegas earlier this month, and it was awesome! I went to LOVE (the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show), the Bellagio fountain show, the Vegas Renn Fest (turkey leg was not as delicious as MD Renn Fest), the Divas Las Vegas drag show, hiking in in the Valley of Fire, and the World Buffet at the Rio. Favorite part of the trip was probably a tie between LOVE and Divas Las Vegas... though I did but a DVD of Divas, so you can guess which has a slight advantage.

The real question is, what have I been doing with my internet time (if not blogging)? I'm pretty addicted to Wonkette right now, cause news + sarcasm = joy. But I'm determined to get back into the swing of things with blogging (this includes the TV Blog, Maggie, I promise)! Stay tuned, my little chickadees.