Dec 3, 2012

December to remember

Yeah... that "post everyday" thing fell apart with the QUICKNESS. It was just too much pressure! And once I had fallen far enough behind it was like, "well, I might as well not post for the entire month." Weak sauce, Sri, weak sauce. Anyway, I'm going to try again with a lower expectation this time - one post per blog per week. That's three posts - I can do that, right? Right.

Happily, I have a lot to blog about - it's my birthweek! I am turning a dreadfully significant age this year, so I decided to celebrate for seven days straight. This kind of bled into the preceding few days - Maggie and I got a group together for a Legwarmers (80s cover band) concert on Friday, and my friend Sarah visited from NYC on Saturday for barhopping. On Sunday morning Sarah and I met up with our friends Chris and Kent for brunch at an AMAZING gay brunch bar called Freddie's. So. Much. FUN! And my birthweek hadn't even started yet.

The officially festivities began yesterday afternoon with caroling in downtown DC. The turnout was small, but we had a great time. After a bit we abandoned our goal of making it all the way to the Capitol and hit up karaoke at Banana Cafe. The happy hour special (on a Sunday, no less!) was great, we met a really fun waitress, but the karaoke was a travesty. We asked for a Christmas song, but when we got up there the KJ couldn't find it. He told us the list of songs that HE PROVIDED was "more of a suggestion than a guarantee." WTH?!? Still, us being us, we still had a killer time.

Next up: dinner with two of my favorite people, Jojo and Shawn, tonight and Brookside Garden holiday lights tomorrow!