May 31, 2007


Last Saturday I travelled to beautiful Richmond, VA for my friend Jojo's graduation from the Baptist Theological Seminary. I bought shoes for the occasion, which turned out to be a mistake. For while they were cute and cheap, they were incredibly uncomfortable. I looked pretty damn good, though.

These are obviously not my feet (I got this picture off the web).

And the ceremony itself was lovely. Jojo didn't look up at us much, but she probably didn't want to burst out laughing in the middle of a hymn. The graduation was held in First Baptist, which is the OMG BIGGEST CHURCH EVER!

We sat in the balcony, people.

"We" being Jojo's family, roommate Kristin and former freshman hall mates, Erin and me. Shawn, Jojo's fiance, was also graduating so his family was there as well.

Kristin was resplendent with her new bangs, as was Erin in her maternity dress (she's not pregnant, she just likes to pretend). Meanwhile, I tried not to embarrass us all horribly.

Me: Do you have a tissue?
Erin: Sure... *hands over a fancy handkerchief.* I didn't realize you'd get so emotional over the conferring of degrees!
Me: Oh, it's not that. I had chocolates in my purse, and they melted. *displays gooey mess inside handbag*
Erin: Um.
Me: Sorry about your handkerchief. I'll buy you a new one ... where did it come from?
Erin: Japan.
Me: Shit. I'll wash it, then. With my tears of remorse.
Erin: You do that.

The Honorable Reverend Jojo's parents took us all out to lunch afterwards, and then we lazed out the old apartment a bit. It's much cleaner now that I don't live there anymore. I peeled off for a little while to hang with Eric, Doug, and Doug's friend Mikey. Mikey is an extremely interesting person (think mohawk, camo pants and absolutely no thought filter). Though I can't fault his sense of humor.

Me: Look, Doug and Eric are wearing the same outfit! *points to the black t-shirts & khaki shorts*
Mikey: They should be boyfriends.
Me: ... you're kind of awesome.
Mikey: I know.

After I grew sick of the boys, I came back just in time to go out for a late dinner with the girls (and Shawn). I drank a Mountain Dew and struggled to keep my eyes open long enough to drive to C'ville. And then for the rest of the weekend I studied.

Well ... for most of it. Half of it.

I spent at least some of the next two days studying.

... and the rest sleeping and watching TV. There, you happy?

May 23, 2007

about me

*points to banner*

This is why. If you've ever looked at me and thought, "what the hell?" these three people are the reason. I wish I could carry them around in my pocket, like a note from my doctor excusing me from normal human interaction.

"Oh, I'm sorry I weirded you out just then. This is why."

On the bright side, they're the ones who taught me to not really care what the world at large thinks. They provide the funny, but they also give me strength. A life of cheerful absurdity is my heritage, my biological imperative.

In related news, hello. This is my new blog.