Jan 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I don't usually make year-long resolutions... as my friend Maggie says, "I strive for constant self-improvement." Which, for me, mostly means I get a new big idea fluttering into my little brain every three weeks or so. This year, I have mostly the same resolutions as every year:

1. Exercise to get healthier and lose weight
2. Write more/more often (in, I dunno, a blog or something)

The problem always is the lack of accountability. However, this year I've decided to run/walk a 5k sometime this spring with several friends. If I don't start working out now, I won't be able to keep up and/or finish. I'm half expecting my competitive spirit to take over completely, forcing my weary body across the finish line. Fun!

On the writing front, I got a nice incentive at the New Year's Eve party I went last night. I ran into someone from college who stumbled upon this very blog! "I wasted half and hour at work because of you," he said. I was flattered (and a little apologetic) - people actually read this nonsense!

As long as there are three or four people out there (and my mom totally counts) who want to read about my shenanigans, I have a responsibility - nay, a duty - to keep writing. So Happy New Year, everyone! Look forward to more frequent posting and, remember, you brought this upon yourselves.