Mar 31, 2009

So nice, they named it twice

Long time, no blog! I've been super busy - hosting a games weekend, writing a toastmasters speech, getting charts for pregnant patients off my desk, planning my trip to New York... Wait, I didn't tell you about any of that? Well, balls.

1. Games Weekend - rousing success! Andi and Jeff came up from Roanoke, Maggie and Kristin came down from NoVA, Mike took time out of his busy schedule, and we had - count them - TWO Petes in attendance. While the addition of so many non-bridge-players meant that we played just a few hands, we all had fun playing Rock Band and watching the DVD commentary of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Good times, everybody, good times. Special thanks to Pete #2 for helping me carry groceries (I was running late and he was shockingly on time) and to Pete #1 for bringing a waffle iron and washing dishes.

2. Toastmasters speech - giving it tonight. Still not done. Oh, well.

3. Getting charts off my desk - sooo liberating. I'm imagining that I'm clearing them off because I'm leaving my job to raise alpacas. And then I'd make yarn, and then I'd knit a blanket, and then I'd take a nap in a warm, soft cocoon of alpaca fur. Yay.

4. Trip to NYC - the real reason I'm trying to finish charts is that I'm leaving tomorrow for a certification course in Public Health Genetics/Genomics at Sarah Lawrence College. I'm nervous to the point of nausea. It seems like all the other attendees have doctorates or are the directors of something. Then there's me, the junior genetic counselor in a small private practice. On top of that, as much as I heart NY, that place scares the shit out of me. I better get used to it, though - this week(end) is only the first session of three. *gulp*


Anonymous said...

You had me at the alpaca farming fantasy... sigh!!

Monkey Sri said...

I know, right? When I see an alpaca, I just want to give it a hug (though I hear that they spit).