Sep 3, 2009

Who are you and how did you get my email address?

The original email...
My dear friends,
Hope you all are well and enjoying the end of summer weather.
I want to know what you think on various issues in "politics." We don't all think alike. With that given, let me know what you think about:
The National Civilian Security Force. I understand that it will be under job core and has 1/2 billion or is it trillian [sic] dollars to build it up. They will be as well trained as the military. Why does Pres. Obama need his army? I don't know. As you know our CIA agents are being questioned by the attorney general. But the attorney general did not care to look into the black panthers intimigating [sic] the voters. And what about the black man that came armed to a town hall meeting. The TV media reported it, but failed to mention or show his color. Why?
Let me know your thoughts on this subject.
If you want me to delete you from my contacts list I will.
Thanks, in His love, [name redacted]
My response...
Here is an article from that I think you might want to read:

Please delete me from your email list.

The final word...
I guess I'm not so trusting in governments as you are. You can check this out or not. You're deleted.
[name redacted]
My question to you, [name redacted], is this: you don't trust the government, but you trust Fox News?


AndyE said...

not just Fox News...This guy:

Monkey Sri said...

Ha, indeed.