Jul 11, 2007

I already drink like a fish, so ...

Davina and I have resolved to start swimming at least twice a week. This promises to be highly amusing, as neither of us is a strong swimmer.

Davina: *clutching a pool noodle and kicking desperately* Warn me if I'm going to run into something!
Me: *standing in the thigh-high water next to her* Sure ... except, you're not really moving.

My major advantage over Davina is that fat floats, so I'm never in any real danger. Also, I can touch the bottom of the pool with my toes, even at the deep end. Yeah, I'm basically a giant.

But we always have a good time, so we've decided to name our little club (yes, two people can form a club - shut up). We're calling ourselves: Don't Laugh, You'll Drown. Catchy, eh? Davina even talked me into goggles and nose plugs - we really need to take pictures of that. Neither of us want to hold political office, anyway.

Also, my parents visited me for Independence Day. Here are the highlights:

Dad: How is Jo-jo?
Me: Jojo and her fiance Shawn graduated in May. Shawn was the 500th graduate from BTSR!
Dad: Ooh! Did they brand him?
Me: What?!? No!
Dad: They do it, Amma.
Me: No! No they don't!
Dad: *miming pressing a hot poker to his forehead* Ssssssssssst!

Mom: I love you so much, Amma, I could sit here and look at you all day. *thoughtful pause* Though you might not like it so much.

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