Jul 17, 2007

Countdown to the boards...

So, I'm probably not going to post until after my board exams in just under a month. To tide you over until then, here's the "best of" reel.

I went to see the fifth Harry Potter movie - I liked it alright. I'm more excited about the last book coming out next weekend. Saturday is my day for Harry Potter, and I will most likely cry at the end. Everyone who is surprised that I'm such a nerd, raise your hands ... nobody? Very good.

Wistar got a job editing porn erotica. She read me some, and it was pretty terrible. I'd provide quotes, but my mom reads this blog.

Davina told me that she has a pathological fear of doors with push bars, because she often has trouble figuring out which end to push. She worries about this whenever she approaches a door that doesn't have a knob or handle. I laughed right in her face.

My colleague FV returned from her trip, looking quite tan. Tanning and sunburns fascinate me, especially when you can push on someone's skin and it changes colors. You can even use two fingers and the thumb of your opposite hand to make a smiley face!

My mother came to visit me, which was fun. She cleaned my house (against my wishes), which was awesome. She's pretty much the only person who's ever vacuumed in here.

I'm studying like a fiend, and I'm off to do more right now. Keep me in your thoughts, especially on August 15th and 16th! Smooches to Kara, Laura and Emily - godspeed, friends.

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