Apr 4, 2011

Do I even have to say it?

Just in case you all were wondering/worried, my last post was my annual April Fool's Day prank. And not posting for the past three months was all an elaborate lead-in... Anybody buying that? No? Oh well, can't blame a girl from trying.

As someone once said, "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." That's what it's been like for me since January. New job, new condo, etc etc. And have I mentioned I'm now going on dates with Indian men my mother finds on the internet? Somewhere in all that, blogging fell by the wayside.

The new condo is pretty sweet, though. It's up in Maryland, which is closer to work and helps me check "live outside of Virginia" off my bucket list. A couple of my friends have been weirdly off-put by me switching states. It seems that Northern Virginia hates Maryland like Southwest Virginia hates Northern Virginia. Oh yeah, I went there.

What's that? You actually don't care where the heck I live but want to hear more about the random Indian men? Apologies, fair readers, but that will have to be a post for another time.


mel said...


I'm sorry that Maryland is inferior to Nova - not sure why, that's just how it is. Other states have odd rivalries as well though. After hearing Jay (who's from Texas) talk about Oklahoma (he said people's faces are screwed on wrong there) and New Mexico (boring, not much reason to visit), I was like oh so Oklahoma is your West VA and New Mexico is your Maryland.

Monkey Sri said...

Touche, Mel. Luckily, our personal rivalry knows no state lines. Bwahaha!

mel said...

I repeat - INDIAN MEN STORIES?? If they're any good I might even share some of my awesomely awkward guy stories.