Apr 1, 2010

Have you heard...

Sorry for not blogging in so long! As you know, I've been going through some tough times lately. I really needed to take a step back and re-evaluate my life. But something wonderful emerged from this time of turmoil ... I discovered The Secret.

This book changed my life. It revealed to me the true power of positive thought - and the true consequences of negative thoughts. I realized that by thinking about all my problems, I was attracting negative energy towards myself. Every roadblock in my way, every disappointment I faced, every difficulty real or imagined, were all down to me worrying about my life. Now, with the power of The Secret on my side, I feel like I can demand anything from the Universe - anything at all! - and my demand will be instantaneously fulfilled.

But it's hard work to send out positive energy all day long. That's why I decided to hire a Secret Life Coach. Sure, the sessions are expensive - but wouldn't you be willing to pay $50 an hour to get everything you ever wanted? It's a bargain at twice the price. My SLC, Lindsay, is certified in clinically proven methods invented by Rhonda Byrne herself - it says so right on her business cards!

The thing is, Lindsay tells me that The Secret is much more effective if you can share its beneficial effects with three to five friends. A small group can concentrate their energies and get better results from the Universe than a single person ever could alone. Lindsay's even willing to offer a special, introductory rate to all my friends and family - just $39.99 a session! You really can't afford to miss out on this deal ... click here for more information.


Indu said...

Positive thoughts do help an individual :)

Monkey Sri said...

Yes... but read the next post :)