Feb 16, 2010

Snow Woes

You'd think that DC being buried in snow and almost an entire week off of work would inspire me to blog more. Hahahaha, you'd be wrong. I spent "SNOMG" (aka Snowmageddon, aka The Snowpocalypse) holed up with my manga a good book. Per usual when my life isn't all sunshine and daisies, I didn't really feel like blogging. The sad fact is that, while I was meant to start in an office on Capitol Hill last month, I couldn't find a position. There are many reasons, but I've mostly been working on not attributing this to me being a total failure. Yeah, that didn't work so well for me at first.

But now I've left NIH and am working at the professional organization that co-sponsors my fellowship. That is to say, I'm doing my 3rd rotation now while still trying to line up something for Capitol Hill. Stress? You bet. But at least it's a change of pace. As much as I loved NIH, I'd wrapped up my major projects there. And there's tons of work to do here, so I'm happy. Silver lining of the snowstorm - having the campus closed for three workdays made my first "week" here a breeze.

So think good thoughts for me, my little chickadees. I'm off to work.


Maggie Cats said...

Good luck! And keep plugging, I'm sure something will come up...it just takes a little time. Trust me, it took me two years to find a government job.

Monkey Sri said...

Thanks, friend :)