Aug 20, 2009

Has it really been five years?

Last night, my freshman hall got together for an impromptu reunion. I immediately covered myself in glory by imbibing several glasses of wine. Happily, I was not alone in this, and soon we were merrily insulting each other and cackling evilly. Next came a retelling of embarrassing stories from our shared past, to everyone's horror delight. These included, but were not limited to:
- The time Kristy, Diana, and Rachel ran The Triathlon in a single night (see the W&M Wiki entry and scroll down to "Traditions")
- That Erin's only defense in a physical confrontation was to go limp ... at which point I would drag her bodily from our room and leave her in a heap in the middle of the hallway
- How even though Diana and Jojo disagreed vehemently on acceptable television and movies (with Diana expressing a strong dislike for all things Jane Austen), they could both come together to judge me for my love of Star Trek

It's strange to think that it's been five years since I was at the same school as these women, and almost a decade since we first met. I still remember being startled, upon being introduced to Erin, by her enthusiastic exclamation and tackle-hug. And how, during orientation, Diana and I intimidated each other - to me she looked tough, to her I looked monstrously tall. I forgot to bring my favorite hairbrush to school, and Jojo offered to buy me a new one from Target. I still have that brush somewhere.

These moments are so fundamental to my character that it seems impossible, ludicrous that they happened such a long time ago. This feeling is reinforced whenever we get together and the intervening years seem to disappear. Despite the evidence to the contrary - jobs, spouses, houses, children! - it seems that in a moment we'll dump our trays, leave The Caf and return to Gooch 2nd Upper at the end of another idyllic day of our freshman year.


outdoorchica said...

1) Let's put things in a positive light... At least Jojo and I could agree on Romy and Michelle's HS Reunion... and watched it about 10 times that year...
2) I did't remember that you thought I looked tough... but now I'm ... flattered? Most people are decidedly NOT intimidated by me.
3) I had so much fun (and a wee hangover the next day) with you!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! Enjoy DC for me while I'm gone!!!

Monkey Sri said...

Yay! Good luck in Honduras - and don't forget to visit soon :D

Maggie Cats said...

ooooh, you were in GOOCH. That explains a lot. I'm surprised, as a Dupont girl, I ever deemed to hang out with you. :o)

Monkey Sri said...

Some of my best friends lived in Dupont. Not that there's anything wrong with that.