Aug 1, 2008

Sri, you got some 'splainin' to do

It really wasn't my fault - I mean, sure, it was my idea. But Mike was the one who convinced me to move my lard ass and actually go to the Albemarle County Fair. If he had just let me chicken out as I had intended, this never would have happened.

So we get to the fair, and already we're pretty pleased with ourselves. We pig out of fair food - including my brilliant concept of combining ice cream and funnel cake - and happily manage to not yak all over each other on the rides. Though it was a close thing, especially on the Rok N Rol.

You spend two minutes shouting with delight
and ten minutes screaming in agony.

We skipped right past the arcade games and hit the exhibits - learned all about beekeeping, checked out the arts and crafts, marveled at the enormous pumpkins, that sort of thing. Then we saw it ... the petting zoo. There were ducklings and chicks, baby goats and calves. The little piggies were having a nap together in a big piggy pile. So you will understand that my resistance to cuteness had already been severely depleted by the time we made it over to the bunny cages.

There were bunnies of all sizes, including "giant bunnies" that were about 18 inches long and must've weighed ten pounds if they weighed an ounce. There were cute strawberry blonde bunnies and long-haired bunnies. Bunches and bunches of bunnies, all snuggled up against each other or nibbling adorably on their little pellets.

And they were all for sale.

Yes, I was weak! But when I saw that little black bunny, a Netherlands dwarf breed on sale for $13, how could I resist? When I went to pet her she shied away, playing coy. And in that moment I knew - I had to make her mine.

How much is that bunny in the ... oh, who cares, I'll take her!

Outside The Tent -
Me: Did I just ... buy a bunny?
Mike: You be hilarious.

And now comes the hard part - picking a name. Bridget, after my favorite playboy bunny? Kendra, after Mike's (oh hell no)? Then there are other famous rabbits from literature - Peter, Velveteen, Bunnicula. Maybe I should wait until I actually pick her up on Sunday (when her life as a showgirl comes to an official end) before deciding. Until then, suggestions are most welcome!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest bunny in the world.

Wistar said...

I can't believe you bought a bunny! Your whole condo is going to smell like bunny droppings! I'm so excited to meet him! I hope I can be an auntie! Can you tell how fast my heart is beating by all these exclamation points?! But how did your new bunny feel about the funnel cake and roller coasters?

I'm glad it was a bunny and not a prize cow.

Monkey Sri said...

Sarah - thank you! She think you're cute, too :)

Wistar - so? Your house smells like droppings, and you don't even have a pet. Unless you count Darren, in which case I don't need to know anything more about that.

Prize cow? Was that a joke about me being Hindu?