Feb 26, 2008

Why I Changed My Layout

2:12 PM Wistar: i got chosen as a featured blogger for the Festival of the Book!
me: wow, congrats
Wistar: the guy contacted me, and i sent him a link to your blog
guess he thought it sucked
2:13 PM me: um, thank you?
Wistar: they're starting small, so they only wanted really great blogs
i guess he saw me mentioned in the newspaper, or something
me: well, congrats
your blog is very witty
2:14 PMWistar: thanks!
aww, and yours is too. but mine looks more professional, so it stood out
me: aha
Wistar: yeah, you need to do something with the layout
me: probably2:15 PMWistar: get Darren to install you with a wordpress theme
me: but i've not been on blogspot a year, i don't want to change now
Wistar: wordpress is the best!
and we can probably get your posts transferred
if not, no big loss
me: ...
do i have to have my own domain, though?
Wistar: don't be so cheap
any blog worth its salt has its own domain anyway
2:16 PM me: uh ... huh
well, thanks for the advice
i have to get back to work, now
Wistar: okay
i'm going to go eat a pint of ice cream and pass out on the couch

Please note that the above is only loosely based in reality. That is to say, Wistar and I did have a conversation via Gmail chat this afternoon which may or may not have included the word "blog." What do you think of the new look?

1 comment:

Wistar said...

You are a liar. But it sounds so much like me!

I love your new blog theme. You are on the fast track now, baby monster.