Nov 27, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

My 25th birthday is in one week, and I know you all are tortured with worries about your gifts for me. Is this diamond tennis bracelet too flashy, or not flashy enough? Did I remember to get a receipt for World Peace? Where is the appropriate place for a bow on a slave boy? That sort of thing. Let me clear up the confusion.

Might I suggest that you do good works in my name? You could donate a giant novelty check to a reputable local or national charity. Bonus points for handing it over to a tow-headed orphan, stoic cancer survivor or weeping disaster victim in a televised public ceremony. Planting a tree is also acceptable, as long as you include a commemorative plaque bearing my likeness. For the poor, cheap and/or lazy, why don't you tell one friend about my blog? Seeing that little hit counter tick over (along with comments of any kind) is what gives me the motivation to keep writing. That's assuming, of course, that you wish for me to continue.

I suppose after such a vain declaration I should blog something amusing. And so I bring you, My Family's Thoughts On Their Youngest Reaching The Quarter-Century Mark.

Mom: Oh god, I'll never get her married at this rate. *logs onto*
Dad: Hm, old enough for House but she should hold out for Senate. *wanders off to make campaign posters*
Brother: What? Is it some one's birthday? *goes back to work*

Just kidding! Mostly. Anyway, all I really want is money love.


Liz said...

oh sri, je t'adore. out of curiosity, where is the appropriate place for a bow on a slave boy?

i think the best gift to you will be coming on monday - mylar! now if only i could somehow give mohinder a new brain.

also, you would so be the funniest senator ever. why stop there, though? in ten years you can run for president and i can be your vp. until anyone who has ever been in a bar with us calls up the media and sells our sordid stories.

Monkey Sri said...

The most appropriate place for a bow is actually the least appropriate place, if you catch my meaning. Of course if you gave me Mohinder Suresh (with or without a brand new brain), gift wrapping would not be required. Also, I like the way you think in re: our political aspirations. It worked for Writer's Club back in high school. Well, sort of.

P.S. Is it proper netiquette to comment on your own blog?