Sep 10, 2007

Interesting smells

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went home and colored my hair with henna. I don't know what possessed me. While my hair aspires to be a dark brown, it is actually black and therefore immutable. But on the other hand, what did I have to lose?

I had forgotten (somehow) that henna smells ... less than pleasant. Kind of like grass or hay, but also kind of like dirt. Really fresh dirt from some verdant, misty Himalayan hillside - but dirt nonetheless. That's OK, I thought to myself. It'll go away once I wash my hair again.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Instead, I find myself with still-black hair and the persistent smell of henna, which refreshes itself every time I shower. This is what comes of trying to be more Indian.

In other odoriferous news, Wistar went on a trip north and came back with her own horror stories.

Wistar: *pointing to the drain in the stairwell of a parking garage* This is what all of New York smells like. Urine.
Me: Thank you, that was ... vivid.

And just because I can't leave a list at just two, I'll throw in the kitchen sink.

Mike: *sniff, sniff* When be the last times you did your dishes, mofo?
Me: *in a chilly tone* That's ... really none of your business, Michael.
Mike: Nast!

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Bran said...

LMAO you know sweetheart you can be such a goof ball... ok now that said .... try washing your hair with some lemon juice it should help to nutralize the smell of the henna but be sure to use conditioner afterwards or you'll dry out your hair.... if you really want to get a dark brown go get a box of the light brown Feria and try that it should get you the results you're looking for.... Much love chickie