Aug 27, 2007

Honestly, I'm being sarcastic.

Bush Doc(a): *sneaks up behind me* No word on your boards?!?
Me: GAH! Stop doing that!
BD: Well?
Me: I told you, I won't hear until November.
BD: Okay, I'll just keep checking back.
Me: Why don't you do that? Why don't you ask me every day until then?
BD: Sure thing! *wanders off*
Me: What? No, that was sarcasm! Damn my earnest mien.

In unrelated news, I had dessert at Wistar's boyfriend's dad's and step-mom's house tonight. I wasn't going to go, but ... rhubarb pie. Speaking of Wistar, I just finished reading her blog. My response:

Dear Wistar,

I read your blog tonight (yes, all of it). It struck me at some points disturbing, at others very disturbing. Did you really blog seven times in one day? And what's with all this stuff about pooping in public pools? More importantly, I did not see my name mentioned once. This shall be our last correspondence. Never contact me again.

No love,

After all I've done for her. Shameful, I call it.

(a) So called because he has a framed picture of Dubya on his wall, along with a letter thanking him for his contributions to the Republican party.

1 comment:

Wistar said...

You wish you could stop contacting me. There is more pie where that came from.