Jun 18, 2007

The Future Mr. Sri?

My friend Davina came over for dinner on Friday, so we could catch up after her trip to Europe. I know most people hate looking at travel photos, but I eat that stuff up with a spoon. Anyway, our conversation eventually (inevitably) turns to relationships. Davina is a fellow desi, and as unattached career women we are the bane of our parents' existence. She and I have similar views on the whole on the whole "arranged marriage" business - we're happy to let our parents introduce us to a Nice Indian Boy, but we want to take it from there. Of course, every rule has its exceptions. Mom, this one's for you.

Indian Men I Will Marry, No Questions Asked:

1. Sendhil Ramamurthy

He comes from a family of physicians, and he goes off to become an actor. That takes guts. Also - I love his pretty hair! I'm sure his wife, soap opera star Olga Sosnovska, won't mind sharing.

2. Aasif Mandvi

His desirability is directly proportional to the time he spends split-screen with Jon Stewart. Political satire always gets me hot and bothered. Also, he can play the guitar!

3. Russell Peters

A nice Canadian boy, and a stand-up comedian! And you know I love to laugh. Teensy problem - he's a Catholic Anglo-Indian (that's right, Russell Peters is his real name). As such, he probably won't want to marry a Hindu girl.

4. Kal Penn

*wipes drool* Um, yeah. No caption needed here.

If any of the young men in question would like to make their intentions known, I will accept proposals in the form of sonnets, odes and/or boxes of chocolate.


Liz said...

hehe. i'd definitely jump on most of those in a heartbeat, too! but no sayid from lost? pshh.

Wistar said...

None of those guys are as cute or as funny as you. Plus you are practically a doctor and you can turn a flamingo into a whale. Does your mom want you to marry someone in showbiz? No. Do I want you to run off to Los Angeles to be corrupted by curly-haired, serenading pretty boys? No. I will find you someone. Tell your mother I am on the case.

Bran said...

Phhshh mum would be happy with whom ever you got married to but YES run off to LA :D then you'll be closer to me yay :P